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Arthroscopic Knee/ Leg Holders
Arthroscopic Arthroscopic CombinationArthroscopicStressPost Leg Holder Leg Holder
Knee/ Leg Holder

Your cost: $999
Knee/ Leg Holder:

Your cost: $950
Knee/ Leg Holder

Your cost: $625
Leg Holder
Foam Insert

Your cost: $210/ case
Leg Holder
Foam Insert:

Your cost: $276/ case
Non-Operative Leg Holder Non-Operative Leg Holder arthroscopic_operative_leg_holder Non-Operative
Non-Operative Leg Holder,
Long, Vinyl Coated, Reposable

Your cost: $250 ea.
Non-Operative Leg Holder,
Short, Vinyl Coated, Reposable

Your cost: $125 ea.
Operative Leg Holder,
Vinyl Coated, Reposable

Your cost: $198 ea.
Well Leg Holder, Reusable

Your cost: $225 ea.

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Arthroscopic Knee/ Leg Holder

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Arthroscopic Knee/ Leg Holder

  • This Arthroscopic Knee/ Leg Holder is extremely versatile, easy to use and completely rigid.

  • Spring loaded braces slide and then lock into place.

  • Velcro strap wraps completely over leg holder to provide stability.

  • Stainless steel base construction with a 5/8" mounting post.

  • Pressure relief disposable foam pads and Schure Socket for securing leg holder to side rail are sold separately.

  • Warranty: 1 year.

Updated 9/20


Arthroscopic Leg
Holder: $999

Disposable Foam Pads
with Velcro strips,
12/ case: $210/ case

Schure Socket XL
$250 ea.

Schure Socket XL

SchurGrip Arthroscopic

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SchurGrip Arthroscopic
Knee/ Leg Holder

  • Dual independent braces on this SchurGrip Arthroscopic Knee/ Leg Holder freely rotate 360° and spread horizontally from 3" to 11" width to fit any leg size at any angle.

  • Easy set-up: Simply twist one brace side down
    and place the patient's leg onto the leg holder. Return the brace side back up. Then slide the brace horizontally for a snug fit. Lock into place with convenient twist handle.

  • Also used for ACL procedures.

  • Stainless steel assembly; Dimensions: 12" long x 1½" diameter leg support x 8" high leg braces. Mounting post is 16"h x 5/8" diameter.

  • Warranty: 1 year. Schure Socket XL sold separately.

Updated 3/19


SchurGrip Arthroscopic
Leg Holder: $950 ea.

Disposable Foam Pads
with Velcro strips,
12/ case: $210/ case

Schure Socket XL
$250 ea.

Schure Socket XL

Combination Arthroscopic Stress Post

Combination Arthroscopic Stress Post
and Arthroscopic Leg and Knee Holder

  • Use it as an arthroscopic stress post or an arthroscopic leg and knee holder.

  • Vertical stress post adjusts from 7" to 11" high.

  • Single-use pads are sold separately.

  • The leg holder portion of this device effectively immobilizes the leg for arthroscopic procedures.

  • Lateral stabilizing blade accommodates a 4-1/2" to 8-1/2" leg diameter and pivots 360°.

  • Post and blade are secured with the turn of one ergonomic knob.

  • Mounting post attaches to the side rail of operating room table with a Clark Socket. (sold separately)

  • Product Specifications:
    OD Stress Post: 7"H x 2";
    Radius stabilizing blade: 7"H x 11”L 3-1/2";
    OD stainless steel mounting post: 10"L x 5/8";
    Weight: 4 lbs.

Updated 3/18


Stress Post/
Leg Holder:

Your cost: $625

Single-Use Leg
Holder Pads,
12/ case:

Your cost: $110


Stainless Steel
Clark Socket

Normally: $198
Your cost: $125

Clark Socket

Padded Inserts for Arthroscopic Knee/ Leg Holders - at discounted prices!
Leg Holder Foam Insert   Leg Holder Rigid Foam Insert   Leg Holder Gel Insert

Leg Holder Foam Insert,
disposable, 12 per case

Your cost: $210/ case

Our competition charges $215 per case.
Buy from us. Save 31%

Disposable 2 layer foam
insert pad compatible with Allen Medical,
David Scott and other knee/ leg holders.
Size: 37"l x 3½"w x 1¼" thick.

Constructed with two foam materials
that are laminated together. Outer pad
is a dense, slightly compressible
material that allows for high
clamping pressure.

The inner pad is a soft, fully
compressible material for soft,
non-abrasive contact with the
skin. Secured with simple
Velcro® fasteners.

Leg Holder Rigid Foam
Insert, disposable, 20/ case:

Your cost: $276/ case

If your current foam insert looks
like this, then this will work for you

Description: Disposable dense
foam inserts allow for the leg to
be tightly stabilized without
restricting circulation.

Size: 7" lateral opening;
11½" lateral outer dimension.

Compatible with a variety
of leg holders including
Smith & Nephew.

Velcro® is not part of the
design on this pad.

Leg Holder Gel Insert,
reusable, each:

Your cost: $159 ea.

Reduce risk of patient shear.
Use reusable gel with foam insert.

Reusable Leg Holder
Gel Insert. Size: 36"l x 4"w x 3/8"
thick. It is compatible with Allen
Medical, David Scott and
other knee/ leg holders.

Some customers use this gel insert
together with the disposable foam
insert. The gel layer would then
touch the patient's skin.

This gel insert is latex and silicone
free, radiolucent, antimicrobial and
anti-bacterial. It is also repairable and
can be heated and cooled. Velcro®
is not part of the design on this pad.

Long Non-Operative Leg Holder

  • This vinyl coated, reposable Long Non-Operative Leg Holder is limited to a certain number of uses before it begins to deteriorate.

  • It secures and cushions the patient's leg during arthroscopy procedures at a low cost.

  • Helps to protect against nerve damage to the non-operative leg.

  • This long leg holder (8"wide x 8" long x 8" high) provides additiional support for the thigh and lower leg.

  • Made with vinyl coated polyethylene, latex free.

Updated 3/18

Non-Operative Leg
Holder, Vinyl, Long:

Your cost: $250 ea.

Short Non-Operative Leg Holder

  • The vinyl coated, reposable Short Non-Operative Leg Holder provides a layer of protection for the well leg during arthroscopy.

  • Helps to protect against nerve damage to the non-operative leg.

  • Seamless, easy to clean and fire-retardant.

  • Dimensions: This Non-Operative Leg Holder measures 4" wide x 4" long x 8" high.

  • Made with vinyl coated polyethylene, latex free.
Updated 3/18


Non-Operative Leg
Holder, Vinyl, Short:

Your cost: $125 ea.
Reusable Operative Leg Holder

Dimensions: 3" wide x 11" o.d. x 7" i.d.

Arthroscopic/ Operative Leg Holder

  • This vinyl coated, reposable operative leg holder secures and cushions patient's leg during arthroscopy procedures.

  • Spiral shaped for easy adjustment.

  • Includes locating grooves to keep it centered.

  • Easy to clean, fire-retardant and cost effective.

  • Made with vinyl coated polyethylene, latex free.



Operative Leg Holder,
Vinyl Covered:

Your cost: $198 ea.

Arthroscopic Well Leg Holder

This well leg holder is generously cushioned.

Arthroscopic Well Leg Holder

  • This reusable covered foam arthroscopic well leg holder supports the non-affected leg during arthroscopic knee, fracture and cast procedures.

  • This full length, generously padded leg holder has a soft, pliable, stretchable cover that is easily cleaned with the same cleaning solution typically used on surgery table pads.

  • The deep channel design keeps the patient's leg from moving off the pad surface.

  • It is designed for comfort, durability and longevity.


Covered Foam
Well Leg Holder:

Just $225 ea.

(In stock item)

Why pay $330 with our
competitor for a covered
foam well leg holder?

Our discounted pricing
represents a 32%
savings for you!


Improving patient safety in the

surgical setting is a paramount concern.

Montgomery Knee Board photo 1

The Montgomery Knee Board is used together with
the Arthroscopic Well Leg Holder shown above.

Montgomery Knee Board photo 2

Designed by Thomas J. Montgomery, MD, for use
in his practice, this device is wedged between the
table and the table cushion. Thus, this knee board
does not come into contact with the patient's leg.

YouTube Video about the Montgomery Knee Board

Montgomery Knee Board

(Used together with above well leg holder)

  • This platform is designed to stabilize and support the padded well leg holder. It safely immobilizes the non-operative leg during surgery without using tape.

  • Why use this product? Your patient's non-operative leg and well leg holder can unexpectedly move when the operative leg is re-positioned during surgery.

  • Since the leg is draped, you wouldn't even know the non-operative leg had moved until the case was over. The result is a potential patient injury issue.

    Montgomery Knee Board photo 3 Montgomery Knee Board photo 4
    Featured in the 5/28/09 issue of Surgical Products Magazine

  • Now you can achieve confidence that the leg holder and non-operative leg is safely supported during surgery by using the Montgomery Knee Board.

  • The Montgomery Knee Board can be adjusted
    in an infinite number of ways to accommodate
    the varied patient's habitus.

  • Consisting of a piece of flat, specially shaped ½" polyethylene material with rounded edges, it is held in place with the patient's weight.

  • The surface is non-staining, making it easy to clean and disinfect after each use in the operating room.

  • Weight capacity: Designed to support an average 500 lb. patient's leg.


Safely secure your patient's well leg

with a padded well leg
holder (shown above) and the Montgomery Knee Board.

Montgomery Knee Board photo 5


Knee Board:

Normally: $750

Your cost: $495*

*Save another $25 when you
purchase an #SW-20-WLH
foam well leg holder (shown
above) and the Montgomery
Knee Board at the same time.

Use 1 purchase order or split
it up with two. You will still receive your discount.

Just subtract $25
off one of the items.

Note: Suction mounting
hook as shown in photo
is not included.

Please note:
All prices quoted are FOB Factory. Freight is pre-paid and added to invoice.
Any returns are subject to manufacturer's restocking charge. Customer is responsible for
return freight. No credit is given on inbound freight cost. Terms & conditions

Average delivery time for the above items is usually 4 to 5 business days.

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Updated 9/20

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