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Patient Transfer Devices 

Safely Transfer Your Patients By Sliding
Them From One Surface To Another with Schure Slide.

Schure Slide Patient Transfer Device
Schure Slide Instructions
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Patient Transfer Rollers

Patient Transfer Roller
Patient transfer rollers are among the most popular patient transfer devices. They allow one or two staff members to move a dependent patient from one surface to another with little effort. Greatly reduce the risk of back injuries with this device.

Transfer the patient between slightly uneven surfaces (up to 3" height difference) without lifting. Transfer patients from bed to stretcher, stretcher to stretcher or operating table to stretcher. Weight capacity is 440 lbs.

Used in Surgery, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Medical/ Surgical Floor, etc. for lateral transfers. Constructed with long lasting, trouble-free aluminum rollers with steel ball bearings
and a heavy-duty cover.

Updated 4/22
Patient Transfer Rollers
  • #SW-40-123 Short Roller, 25" long x 15" wide, 5.8 lbs., Qty. 1+  $247 ea.; Qty. 3+  $231

  • #SW-40-125 Medium Roller, 30" long x 15" wide, 6.3 lbs., Qty. 1+ $253 ea.; Qty. 3+ $231 ea.

  • #SW-40-130 Long Roller, 67" long x 15" wide, 13 lbs., Qty. 1+ $333 ea.; Qty. 3+ $313 ea.

Patient Transfer Roller Storage Rack:

  • #SW-40-132 Transfer Device Storage Rack, Stainless Steel.

    Top and bottom brackets mount to wall for safely storing patient transfer rollers.

    Just $54 per set - as shown in photo.
    In-stock, ready to ship.
Patient Transfer Roller Storage Rack
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Replacement Roller Covers -
for all patient transfer rollers except Spenco::

  • #SW-40-124, short roller cover,
    conductive Lectrolite material,
    14" wide x 24" long. $63 each.

  • #SW-40-126, medium roller cover,
    conductive Lectrolite material,
    14" wide x 30" long. $66 each.

  • #SW-40-131, long roller cover,
    conductive Lectrolite material,
    15" wide x 67" long. $117 each.
Patient Transfer Roller Cover
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All prices quoted are FOB Factory. Freight is pre-paid and added to invoice. Prices are subject to change without notice.  Terms & conditions

Bariatric Turner
Bariatric Turner
  • Transferring large patients with a plain draw sheet can easily result in employee and patient injury.

  • Now you can slide your patients from one surface to another in a safer, more coordinated fashion.

  • This heavy-duty reinforced patient mover with 12 handles reduces the risk of employee injury while transferring, lifting or just repositioning your larger patients.

  • This simple and inexpensive patient lateral transfer device will accommodate patients up to 400 lbs.

  • Allows up to six attendants to safely transfer, turn, reposition, or lift bariatric patients, thus reducing incidence of back injury.

  • Size: 30" wide x 72" long. Washable in luke warm water.

  • #SW-10-77806 Bariatric Turner pricing: $250 ea.

Health Care Workers at High Risk for Back Injuries

According to the U.S. Department of Labor in 2002, registered nurses were the sixth most likely employees to
suffer work-related musculoskeletal disorders, while nursing aides, orderlies and attendants ranked second.  
Truck drivers are most at-risk, while non-construction laborers were third on the list.

A recent American Nurses Association (ANA) study showed that 52% of nurses complain of chronic back pain and
that 12% leave the profession, citing back pain as a major factor.  Another 20% transfer to a different unit,
out of direct care or to other employment because of back problems, as well as neck and shoulder injuries.

As a result, many hospitals have implemented no-lift policies in their facilities - helping to  reduce the risk of injuries
among its caregivers and also retain critical health care worker staff - all while improving the patient experience.

Resources:  Healthcare Awareness by Midmark Corporation, October 1, 2006. Lifting Patients/ Residents/ Clients in
Health Care Washington State 2005 Report to the Washington State Legislature House Committee, January, 2006;

Watching Our Backs -- RN's Get A Lift from "No Lift Policies", - Nurse Week, June 19, 2006.

Safe Patient Handling Program Enacted Into Law

The State of Texas passed TX SB 1525, the first state legislation signed into law requiring hospitals
and nursing homes to implement a safe patient handling and movement program.

The Texas Nurses Association has worked long and hard on passage of this important legislation
which was signed by Texas Governor Rick Perry June 17, 2005, and will take effect January 1, 2006.

With Texas being the first state to succeed with passage of legislation, a number of other states continue working
toward legislative protection of healthcare workers against preventable injury from manual patient lifting.

Eventually, all of the United States will mandate safe patient handling practices like those already in place
in countries more advanced in protecting nurses and patients against injury from manual lifting.

For the most recent updates regarding Safe Patient Handling legislation in other states, please visit:
or contact Anne Hudson, RN, BSN,
Work Injured Nurses Group USA,

Note: The above Patient Transfer Devices are designed to enhance safe handling programs in hospitals
and surgery centers. Patient rollers, SchureSlide Shifter Slide Boards and Patient Mover are products
that have been successfully used in Surgery Departments, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Medical/
Surgical Floor and other patient care areas. The above lateral transfer devices help
to reduce strains and sprains to employees who transfer patients.

Page updated 4/22

Please note: All prices quoted are FOB Factory. Freight is pre-paid and added to invoice.
No returns are allowed on roller covers and Bariatric Turner due to contamination and infection control issues.
Prices are subject to change without notice. Terms & conditions

Average delivery time is 1 to 3 weeks depending upon availability.

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Updated 4/22   

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